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Advanced Training for Industrial Automation

Looking for insights on new products or software to enhance your company's operations?

What we offer

The Technology BSA team organizes advanced training courses, enhanced by hands-on workshop sessions, to embellish your team with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. We offer intensive workshops that maximize learning time, ensuring effective results without taking you too far away from your business responsibilities.


With the deep experience and high qualifications of our technicians, you can quickly acquire all the skills you need to handle new products/software with confidence and autonomy. Our industrial automation training courses cover a wide range of crucial topics, including: 

PLC Programming: learn how to program programmable logic controllers with efficiency and accuracy. 

Industrial security and networks: delve into best practices for securing your operations and optimizing your network infrastructure. 

Industrial Control Systems: gain skills on how to manage and optimize control systems to maximize productivity. 

Microautomation and CCW Software: explore the potential of Rockwell Automation's Connected Components Workbench software for innovative microautomation solutions. 

Mechanics and Mechatronics: expand your knowledge in applied mechanics and mechatronics, which are fundamental to modern automation. 

With Technology BSA, you will have the opportunity to develop comprehensive expertise in industrial automation, making your company more competitive and innovative.

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