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What is it

The Institute for the Protection of Employees or Collaborators Reporting Wrongdoings (Article 2, paragraph 1, letter a of Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2023) aims to regulate the reporting process within the company of crimes, wrongdoings, violations, or other irregularities defined by the aforementioned Decree by a subject who has become aware of them due to their employment relationship. It provides, for the whistleblower, a specific regime of protections recognized by the law, even in cases where discriminatory and retaliatory measures are taken against the whistleblower as a consequence of the reported wrongdoing.


A person who reports violations of national or European Union regulatory provisions that harm public interest or the integrity of public administration or a private entity, which they become aware of in a public or private work context.

Whistleblowing platform

An electronic tool adopted for the submission and management of whistleblowing reports over the internet.