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Design software

A powerful, versatile and smart industrial production

Design software

A powerful, versatile and smart industrial production is possible with Rockwell Automation Softwares which guarantee an optimal level of performance and user experience. The future of industry 4.0 has arrived.

Design Software STUDIO 5000

Studio 5000 is a suite which combines all the projects’ elements in a unique platform optimizing productivity and reducing the commissioning periods in an easy and simple way. This innovative design environment has been designed to facilitate the working speed, reuse, collaboration and virtual design. The User interface ensures an experience which simplifies the work of the staff.

The Studio 5000 Suite includes the following software:

– Studio 5000 Logix Designer

– Studio 5000 View Designer

– Studio 5000 Architect

– Studio 5000 Application Code Manager

– Studio 5000 Logix Emulate

– Studio 5000 Simulation Interface

Thanks to this solution, companies design and realize better solutions, getting the best out of their investment.


It’s a software that allows the user to recreate a virtual scenario of a complete production line, using logics based on the physics and logic of your machines, by simulating behaviors and conditions exactly as if they were in a real operating scenario. The virtual prototype allows the user to virtually train the operators and technicians, reduce the time-to-market and verify the controls of a machine before putting it into service, allowing you to respect the timing of the projects.


The emulation software FactoryTalk® Logix Echo for “ControlLogix 5580” controllers allows a complete digital design:

Initial Prototype and design, test and valuation, production and installation. It’s possible to emulate a complete digital design in a more creative way, saving time and money and lowering the time to market.


It’s a modern human-machine interface platform (HMI) enabled for the cloud that allows users to design, test and distribute applications directly from a browser anywhere at any time.

FactoryTalk Optix is designed to improve the process, efficiency and final results offering:

– Design: prototypes tests in a modern programming environment oriented to objects.

– Connection: creating your application once and distributing it to any device.

– Graphic options: give a style to your graphic to support a global audience and provide a unique and reactive experience.

– Extensible options: obtain connectivity and operability through machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud communications, enabled by OPC UA, MQTT, native connectivity IOT and open C interface.

Companies can transform their design abilities in automation with a simpler and more productive way of working based on the cloud.


With the “FactoryTalk View” software, it is possible to obtain clear and consistent informations from the entire company, from the machine level user interface to distributed visualization solutions.

A single software package is sufficient to handle the user interfaces in process applications, batch and discrete. Clear visualizations and common programming language, as well as an extensive library of masks, help you make sure you achieve the best possible prospects of performance of your machines. If the users at all levels of your organization have the same overview about the machines, you will be able to speed up the ability to manage production, and that’s a key point.


A powerful, versatile and smart Industrial production is possible with Rockwell Automation Softwares which guarantee an optimal level of performance and user experience. The future of industry 4.0 has arrived.


Plex MES is the only platform of SaaS production based on single instance multi-tenant cloud which operates on a large scale. This allows to create an ecosystem of joint production which supports a single source of data in real time. It can connect the production department with the spare parts warehouse and to the quality control thanks to a precise system of end-to-end tracking. With Plex you can connect people and systems, automate processes, monitor all the data and gather and analyze the information like never before.


It’s the innovative smart platform for planning, monitoring and optimizing the maintenance programs for your business. Fiix allows monitoring of costs planned for weeks, months and years organizing equipment, spare parts and purchases, having a complete and detailed overview of the costs.

Thanks to the possibility to create a maintenance report, you will be able to decrease downtime, manufacturing and labor costs, ensuring the uptime and reliability of the machines.

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