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BSA: solutions in the industrial automation sector

Founded in 1997, Technology BSA is now part of the EDGE Global Supply group.
The purpose of the acquisition was to accelerate the company’s growth and become an acknowledged benchmark in automation. With the expertise of an experienced team ready to address your needs, Technology BSA can propose customized products and solutions to upgrade your company environment.

We are leaders in Italy and second in Europe in the specialized distribution of Rockwell Automation components for industrial automation, and we obtained the prestigious award of VALUE ADD Distributor Rockwell Automation for the quality of service, added value and support provided to our customers.

In 2019 RK Distribuzione, a major distributor in Triveneto, was acquired by Technology BSA. Thanks to this strategic operation, the company is now an important and recognized brand not only in Piemonte and Lombardia, but throughout Triveneto, covering the entire market in the northern Italy area.

A point of reference for the northern Italian market

Our priority has always been to provide a consistent and personalized service to customers who require technical clarification on the functionality, management and installation of products.

Thanks to our Team of experts, available on a local scale, you can work with professionals who understand the business environment, dynamics and regulations, providing you with a wide range of solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

Technology BSA growth has been possible thanks to all the steps taken in these years, making7 us proud of our history and achievements.

Our mission

We want to be a Technological Partner and trusted supplier for services and products di in the field of Industrial Automation in Italy, to ensure the success of our customers.

The pursuit of reliable suppliers and globally acknowledged products, combined with the continuing education and support of our specialized technicians, allows us to keep up with all the market’s changes and needs.

Improving customer productivity means achieving greater results and satisfaction through all the services we offer to support companies that make industrial automation a real asset!

We support the customer during each phase of the purchase of electrical, electronic material and components for industrial automation systems, providing in parallel a highly specialized customer service that can be effective and fast to solve problems or rapidly acquire technical information to support the most appropriate choice for the production reality.

Investments in business development

We invest in staff specialization and therefore in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in the field of industrial automation. We invest in choosing the right partners: collaborators, suppliers, staff.

Setting ourselves goals and trying to reach them with the right resources is what has allowed us to become a trusted distributor!

Technology BSA is part of the American group “Edge Global Supply” with offices in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. Purpose of the acquisition: to provide a complete range of solutions in the industrial automation sector, no longer only in Italy but in the world. 

The evolution of the company

The evolution of the company over the years has taken place thanks to the numerous investments. We are not just talking about purely economic investments, but we have always invested in HUMAN CAPITAL!




All the solutions Technology BSA divided into categories: Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, Design software, Erp-MES-CMMS software, Industrial Safety, Panel Components, Sensors and Systems of Vision, Pneumatics, Network Comunications and Automation Cables.



BSA Automation snc changes the corporate name and becomes Technology BSA srl



Logo restyling and change the legal form of the company. “Technology BSA” becomes a Limited Company: a distributor specialized in industrial automation services based in San Marzano Oliveto (AT)



It officially opens the Swiss division of “Technology BSA” called “BSA Swiss” based in the Canton Ticino



Acquisition of the company “Elettronica Due” to expand the customer portfolio in Lombardy



Today “Technology BSA” is part of the American group “Edge Global Supply” with offices in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. Purpose of the acquisition: to provide a complete range of solutions in the industrial automation sector, no longer only in Italy but in the world

The journey of technology bsa continues

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