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Pneumatic devices

All pneumatic solutions are ready for installation and considered valid for all process types. The wide range of products extends from simple direction control valves to more complex tasks of movement.


SMC with its advanced pneumatic automation technologies supports the activities of various industrial sectors. The wide range of product variations available for each component of the system is what allows SMC to offer a pneumatic system that can specifically meet our clients’ various needs.

SMC stands for innovation in pneumatic automation, servo pneumatic and electronics technologies. Various functions can be flexibly and individually combined on one valve unit, with a configuration that is perfectly suited to the required application.

Pneumatic actuators and cylinders

SMC pneumatic actuators and cylinders adapt to the needs of any industrial sector, offering compact and lightweight solutions designed to reduce costs and optimize the performance of your machines.

Linear actuators

This type of actuators transforms pneumatic energy into linear motion. They are divided in two categories:

  • Single acting pneumatic cylinder:
    The rod force acts in a single direction as there is only one input for the compressed air.
  • Double acting pneumatic cylinder. The rod force acts in both directions, back and forth, since the air is alternately fed into the two cylinder chambers.

Guided actuators

Guided actuators are specifically designed to withstand higher external forces and to ensure very precise movements. This type of actuators can be divided in two categories:

  • Guided cylinders:
    These cylinders are equipped with a system of guides that can provide a compact, solid and precise solution.
  • Air slide tables
    Air side tables are ideal for high-precision movements.

Rotary actuators

The rotary actuators convert the pneumatic energy into a rotary motion and are particularly
suitable for industrial machinery in confined spaces.

According to their operation, they are divided into:

  • Pinion and rack
  • Rotary wing drives

Pneumatic grippers

Pneumatic grippers are the mechanical element that allows you to grab and hold an object to allow further handling. The selection of the clamp must be made both on the basis of the requirements and characteristics of each application, and on the shape of the pieces to be handled. Based on these factors, there are three types of grippers:

  • Parallel grippers
    Parallel grippers are mostly used on flat and parallel surfaces.
  • Angular grippers (max 180°)
    Angular grippers are ideal when working with concave or convex surfaces.
  • Rotary (o concentric?) grippers
    Rotary grippers are designed to handle cylindrical or spherical surfaces.

Some of the main applications of pneumatic actuators and cylinders are:

– Palletization

– Product packaging

– Materials sorting

– Materials transport

– Welding

– Pressing

– Components assembly

Chiller for temperature control

It improves the performance and reliability of your machine.

  • Optimizes the quality of your process – excellent temperature stability up to ±0.1°C.
  • A smart solution that will provide you with proactive control – remote control to manage any anomalies or incidents.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications – cooling capacity from 1.1kW to 38kW.
  • Facilitates control and maintenance – advanced control functions and improved maintenance performance.


– Coolers for recirculation fluids. Air or water cooling

– Cooling capacity: from 1.1 to 38kW (50Hz)

– Temperature adjustment range from -10-45°C

– With heating and self-testing function

– Serial communication

– Reduced weight and dimensions

Valve Units

SMC offers a wide range of Valves and Solenoid Valves. 

SMC Solenoid Valves use less space for efficient productivity 

  • Save space – The thinnest valve on the market: large flow rate in just 6.4 mm 
  • Increase your productivity – Reduce cycle time 
  • Support energy efficiency – Energy saving; 0.1W and low heat generation 
  • Adapts to your applications – Flexible connections and wiring: great versatility. 

And much more 

  • Extremely compact and lightweight solenoid valve 
  • High flow rate between 173-1551 l/min 
  • Power consumption: 0.1-0.2 W (low-power type); 0.4 W (standard) 
  • Easy installation and quick replacement 
  • Up to IP67 degree of protection 
  • Plug-in and nonplug-in type

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