Industrial Automation with Technology BSA

Advanced solutions for every need

BSA Technology accompanies you in the world of industrial automation, providing what you need to upgrade and optimize your production, ensuring quality and safety.

Design software

Design Software: the future is now

Rockwell Automation’s Software opens the door to powerful and versatile industrial manufacturing. Experience unprecedented performance and intuitive user interaction as you join the Industry 4.0 era.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation and control: cutting-edge technology

With an up-to-date selection of inverters, electric drives, servo drives and servomotors, we offer solutions in line with the most advanced automation systems. Rely on us to elevate the performance of your systems.

Industrial safety

Industrial Safety: protect your work environment

Ensure safety in your spaces with our integrated systems and protective devices. From the most basic solutions to advanced systems, we offer everything you need for a safe working environment.

Panel components

Components for Electrical Panels: everything you need

Our comprehensive selection of components and equipment is essential for the production of electrical panels and systems. From electromechanics to terminal equipment, we support production with high-quality materials.

Sensors & vision systems

Sensors and Vision Systems: accuracy and safety

We offer precision sensors for standard and special applications, including identification and inspection systems essential for modern automation. Ensure maximum accuracy and protection for your systems.


Pneumatics: ready-to-use solutions

From simple control valves to the management of complex movements, our range of pneumatic solutions is designed to suit any type of process, ensuring quick installation and operational efficiency.

Network & communication

Network and Communication: connectivity without boundaries

We assist you in choosing the best wireless solutions and gateways for effective communication between major industrial protocols. From industrial Ethernet to remote communication devices, we ensure seamless connectivity and integration.

Automation cables

Automation cables: maximize space

Discover our selection of cable routing solutions, from closed systems to PVC solutions, to maximize any space. Our offering also includes UL listed cables, ensuring quality and safety.


Automate production systems

Leverage our know-how to transform and automate your production systems. With targeted solutions in robotics, motors, gearboxes and drives, we guide your choices toward efficiency and innovation, ensuring you have the right technology for every industrial mobility need.