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Intelligent robotic systems selected by Technology BSA offer a wide range of benefits to the end user. A robot can run continuously at a defined speed without supervision, increasing production volumes and reducing costs. They also enable machining with extreme precision and repeatability and perform tasks and operations that are potentially burdensome or dangerous to humans.
Our experts can provide you with different solutions to suit your needs for a full range of industries, processes and materials.


SEW-EURODRIVE’s mobile self-driving assistance systems (AGV) are the networkers of a smart factory: they connect the single manufacturing and assembling processes, always integrating all the relevant data about the workflow; their added value is the complete network connection supporting the automation, optimizing the processes and guaranteeing 24/7 uptime without interruptions.

With the mobile assistance systems of SEW-EURODRIVE you can count on the highest flexibility and scalability, combined with excellent characteristics in terms of process safety, for both the facility and staff, granting a return of investment over the years.

An AGV is a lot more secure than a manual handling equipment: it is not prone to human error; it is equipped with the latest generation sensors which guarantee safety in any circumstance for both the transported goods and the people who work around it. Moreover, it guarantees extremely low maintenance costs in comparison with manual equipment and operators.
At the same time, they share information clearly and perfectly integrated with the other moving vehicles. They move autonomously, communicate with each other and they share data. Network intelligence is the name of the innovative technology of decentralized control in which different mobile assistance systems can operate as an integrated smart system.

Integrating AGV in your company means increasing productivity and safety, reducing the number of errors in the workflow, guaranteeing you an optimized logistic chain.

Gear motors sew eurodrive

Application solutions, individual systems or industrial gearboxes – Sew Eurodrive provides the right drive technology more in line with all market needs. SEW Eurodrive gearmotors can be used in many areas of application. You can choose the ideal drive system from a wide range of standard gearmotors, servomotors, gearboxes with integrated inverter, in stainless steel or explosion-proof.
The solution motor + gear motor facilitates final users in the development of the machine, and it allows them to apply it to their project without losing time researching the single components, resulting in a perfect ready to use all-in-one solution.


Standard gear motors

Essential and robust drive systems, particularly suitable for production and logistics. Available in various types, sizes and accessories to adapt to the most various applications, optimizing the drive systems of your facility.

Servo gear motors

Power, dynamics and precision: these are the strengths of Sew servo gear motors.

Efficient interaction between motor and gear motor ensures drive performance suitable for the type of application required.
Thanks to the high modularity, it is possible to assemble planetary servo-gear or gear-driven servo-gear units with synchronous servo-motors or asynchronous or three-phase motors, obtaining an ideal gear motor for any need.

Adjustable speed gear motors

Perfect in applications where the speed of the drive system must be adjusted according to the various process sequences without interruption.

Stainless steel gear motors

Stainless steel gear motors are specifically designed for applications that require regular washings where hygiene and cleaning requirements are extremely important.
Stainless steel gear motors can withstand the sanitizing solutions and the most common disinfectants, chemicals and moisture maintaining consistent performance.

Explosion-proof gear motors

SEW explosion-proof gear motors are always a safe choice: they can be used in environments at risk of deflagration due to the presence of mixtures of air and gas or air and dust, they fully comply with all the requirements of the local directives. We therefore offer high-performance and highly safe drive systems.

Industrial Robots

Kawasaki robot and controllers

With payload capacities from 80 kg to 700 kg, Kawasaki’s high-speed palletizing robots help solve labor shortages and improve productivity in industry and intra-factory logistics.

The CP series consists of a complete range of robots covering a wide range of payloads. The high round-trip speed enables an efficient palletizing system, plus the robot’s safety monitoring function enables safe operations while saving space, all of which benefits the company in terms of safety and production line efficiency.

Where to use the Kawasaki Robots:

  • Arc and spot welding
  • Handling and assembly
  • Palletizing and packaging
  • Machines enslavement
  • Pressing and painting
  • Sealing, gluing and deburring
  • Sanding, polishing, washing
  • Applications for clean rooms

DCM robots – AUTONOX24

DCM is the exclusive distributor of the Autonox 24 brand, which develops and builds independent robot controllers that can be managed by any external controller facilitating integration on the production line.
For all robots it is possible to choose servo motor adapters and select the type of controller you prefer, realizing the entire automation process on a single control platform.

Main applications:

  • Sheet-folding machines
  • Power Supplies
  • Special lines

Rockwell Automation Standalone Cart Solutions.

iTrak and Magnemotion- Production agility and scalability.

Rockwell Automation iTrak and Magnemotion independent trolley solutions- Production agility and scalability. These systems help you create faster and simpler battery lines with independent, programmable trolleys.

Dramatically reduce production changeover times with simple software profiles that allow you to change products with the push of a button. Reduce maintenance and downtime by having fewer moving parts.

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