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Certifications for the U.S. and Canadian markets

In the global environment, ensuring that your products, processes and systems comply with international UL/CSA standards is crucial to operating successfully in the North American and Canadian markets. Technology BSA stands as your strategic partner in navigating these complex regulations.

What we offer

If your company aims to certify the compliance of electrical equipment, particularly for the assembly of industrial automation panels, Technology BSA is the resource you need. Specializing in certification for the United States (in accordance with the Field Evaluation standard) and Canada (in accordance with the SPE 100 standard), we ensure a smooth and reliable certification process.


Rapid access to global markets

Leverage our expertise to accelerate your products' entry into international markets. We offer universal safety certifications, facilitating global access through a single evaluation process.

Differentiation in the marketplace

In a competitive environment, ensuring that your products are compliant can mean standing out from the competition. Our certification service places you in an advantageous position, increasing customer confidence in the quality and safety of your products.

Comprehensive support and training

The Technology BSA team is by your side to guide you through the maze of regulations, offering personalized advice and free training courses. With our qualified technicians, you will learn not only how to understand but also how to effectively navigate the regulations specific to your industry.
With Technology BSA, you gain not only certification, but a real competitive advantage in the international marketplace. Rely on us to make your products compliant, safe and ready to conquer new horizons.

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