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WEBINAR: augmented reality tools and remote assistance

Vuforia augmented reality solutions by PTC and Rockwell Automation to support production activities.

Managing technical assistance through the use of augmented reality can be a great help for companies. Today more than ever we all need a fast and efficient problem solving system.

Think to maintenance activities, how much easier it could be for engineers to be able to see detailed examples of the activities they need to perform, or the technical assistance activities that can now take place remotely without the need to be at workplace. First of all people’s safety! Thanks to augmented reality you can combine security and productivity within your company.

During the webinar we will present three industrial augmented reality tools dedicated to assistance.


Vuforia Chalk: remote AR assistance

It is a tool that connects experts and technicians for the resolution of small repair and maintenance problems thanks to real-time sharing of instructions and indications without being physically in the production plant. It is possible to highlight the details and make notes directly on the screen of the device that you’re using for the video call. The easy understanding of the indications provided by technical assistance allows greater speed and efficiency of the activity.


Vuforia Studio: scalable AR experiences

It is an environment used to create AR experiences that have the aim of transforming production, assistance and training processes without the need for extensive programming. It uses a simple method of drag and drop of existing animated and 3D CAD sequences. In this way it will be possible to create virtual product demonstrations, processing instructions and allow the transfer of in-depth knowledge thanks to real time exploitation of IoT data.


Vuforia Expert Capture: transformation of the workforce

Vuforia Expert Capture has been created in order to increase quality, productivity and safety in a workplace. It is a tool that uses the experience of qualified employees to convert it into standard operating procedures for all employees. Thanks to the creation of augmented reality guidelines, you can acquire added skills in order to improve the efficiency of your business in a faster and safety manner.

Augmented reality can increase the value of your company in many areas. Sign up for the webinar to learn more about these solutions! You can expose your questions to Rockwell Automation experts! Take advantage of our free webinar

14 MAY h. 9:30



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