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The servo drive solution for small machines

What is the Rockwell Automation’s Kinetix 5100 Servo Drive? A great solution for small machines that can also work autonomously, without requiring the presence of a controller.

Rockwell Automation has created something for all those manufacturers who use small and medium-sized machinery. For these entrepreneurs, attention usually focuses on servo control. Kinetix 5100 combines drive, motor and cable into a single system.

The servo drive can take place via a Micro 800 controller, a Logix or even autonomously. You can choose the mode you prefer based on your applications! One of the advantages that can be found using this type of drive is, for example, the speeding up of the format changes of the machine (greater variety of product and different sized packs).

Rockwell Automation thought to a safety system called safe-torque off. The function of this process is twofold: having a controlled stop and avoiding an untimely restart. This system allows a faster restart of the machinery from its safe state with a higher number of cycles per minute, because the intermediate circuit d.c. does not run out of power.

The Safe Torque-off system is integrated into the Kinetix 5100, therefore there is no need to purchase additional parts. Thanks Allen Bradley!

Don’t forget the dual-port EtherNet/IP option for various types of networks.

The Kinetix 5100 system offers OEMs a cheaper option for those who need to build small and flexible machines. The company’s goal is to support the acceleration of these realities’ growth on the global market.

Here there are other features of this servo drive:

  • 10 freely assignable digital inputs and 5 freely assignable digital outputs
  • Provides indexing function with 99 segments
  • Allows for control mode changes on the fly
  • Integrates easily into Logix applications

Find out more on Rockwell Automation website


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