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Rockwell Automation has invested a lot of energy in HMI operator panels: compact devices suitable for human-machine interface operation!

Today we would like to focus on a particular family of operator panel: PanelView ™ 5000.

These HMI devices are designed with the aim of improving integration with Logix through the use of the Studio 5000 View Designer ™ software.

Rockwell Automation explained us that: “This integration allows engineers to enter configuration information once and use it for the entire automation design.

What is the advantage of this feature?

You will have the possibility to build modern applications more easily with high-speed operator panel buttons. It will be possible to make also data-driven decisions faster, in a very short time.

Rockwell Automation technicians wanted to focus on the enhance of productivity thanks to an easy-to-use design environment. Think to the intuitive navigation menu that reduces configuration time, or to the scalable vector graphics, able to automatically adjust objects and screens dimension to the size of the terminal. It is also important to not forget the possibility of creating custom graphics that can be used several times for building your own applications.

PanelView 5510 Graphic Terminals

  • Ideal for OEMs and end users who require a high degree of integration between their HMI and controller
  • Display sizes from 7″ to 19″ with wide screen, touch and keypad option
  • Great network fault tolerance thanks to EtherNet/IP connectivity, Device Level Ring function and embedded switch technology
  • Supports 100 screens, connection to one controller, and 4000 alarms
    Provides 1.46 GHz dual-core processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash

PanelView 5310 Graphic Terminals

  • Ideal for OEMs and end users looking for a right-sized visualization solution for their smaller applications
  • Dispay sizes from 6″ to 12
  • Supports 100 screens, connection to one controller, and 1000 alarms
  • Provides 1.46 GHz processor, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash



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