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Micro850 and Micro870 by Rockwell Automation: programmable logic control systems dedicated to the control of large stand-alone machines. Flexible communication and increased I/O capacity.

The new Micro850 controllers are designed for machine builders in order to have great flexibility and more customization. Integrated motion control features allow support up to three axes to permit a wide range of positioning applications. With an expansion of up to 132 digital I/O points, communication is also flexible thanks to integrated Ethernet, serial and USB interfaces. The functionalities can be customized using plug-in modules.

Each controller of the Micro800 product family is cost and performance optimized for specific applications. The Connected Components products also include the controller Micro870 dedicated to larger stand-alone machines. Compared to the Micro850 it has a double memory capacity and supports up to 8 expansion modules. Additional memory reduces machine development time thanks to the greater programming freedom.

The free programming software of the controller has reached the eleventh version with the aim of simplifying even more the programming and configuration of the other connected devices, such as drives and operator panels. The Connected Components Workbench 11 provides additional instructions for Micro820, Micro830, Micro850, Micro870 controllers with improvements to Micro800 controllers, Panelview 800 firmware, and LIFO (LFL, LFU) instructions for converting MicroLogix controller programs.

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