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Sheet metal panels: synonymous with reliability and protection

Do you need a system that protects your operators containing ejected parts and substances when it is not possible to use mesh panels? Satech offers a solution that will solve your problem: sheet metal panels.

This Satech solution involves mounting 1.2 mm thick steel sheet panels and they can be provided in both 20×20 or 30x30mm frames. The panels can be with or without inspection windows. View ports can be made with transparent polycarbonate or in adiactinic material, in order to contain UV radiation in the welding areas. All sheet metal panels are compatible with Satech systems, so you won’t have any problems during assembly.

A great feature of these panels concerns the ISO 14120 compliance (“General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and mobile guards“). The mentioned regulation provides to these perimeter protections to be subjected to imposing dynamic resistance tests for impact from the inside to the outside through a procedure defined as “rigid body” or “pendulum test”. The goal of these solutions is to reduce the risk both thanks to the protection against unexpected accesses and against the ejection of parts or substances.

The method of work is based on the impact of a light body (in order to simulate a human) or an heavy body (to simulate a part of the machine) which is dropped against the panel by gravity. The sheet steel panel passes the test if any deformations do not exceed the values ​​set by the standard to avoid hazards.

Another aspect of the ISO 14120 concerns visibility on the machine. For example, if the operator needs to see the operation of the machinery through the panel made up of metal grid, the perimeter protection must be darker than the observed area. The standard does not recommend using bright colors for the grid because they can interfere with the observation of the process.

To complete the offer of these products you can choose between hinged and sliding doors, in order to fence any type of perimeter.

That’s why Satech perimeter protections are synonymous with reliability!

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