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VisionPro Custom Class Day at Customer Site

Product Code: TRN-VP-CUST-DAY
Partner cod.: TRN-VP-CUST-DAY

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**The Price is Quoted Per Day**

  • This part number is used to quote a day of Custom Training at a CUSTOMER site.
  • A minimum of 2 days is required for a custom CUSTOMER site class.
  • Customers can select from existing class material and their specific needs to create the custom class.
  • If no new material needs to be created, there is no additional cost.
  • The price includes Instructor travel expenses within Continental USA.
    • See Local Training Manager for pricing outside Continental USA.

** See our Training Guide for available topics: **

Cognex provides a hardware license USB dongle for use in class and a training manual for each student. Customers use their own laptop workstation. We can support up to 12 students in class. Â

Over the years, we've learned that the following classroom features provide the best experience for students to learn.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 30"x24"" table work space and chair per student (easily achieved by providing one 60"x24" table per 2 students and one extra one for the instructor)
  2. 750 square feet of classroom space
  3. Digital projector with VGA cable able to support 1280x1024 resolution
  4. Media stand or equivalent support for digital projector
  5. 72" diagonal projector screen (or equivalent white space) on which to project content
  6. Enough power outlets and power to support:
  1. Projector
  2. 13 laptops


  1. Whiteboard or flipchart with corresponding markers
  2. Wi-Fi network access
  3. U-shaped event setup with projector screen at open end of U