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Remote connectivity: safety and efficiency with ProSoft’s solutions

Can remote connectivity applied to industrial control systems improve your operations’ safety? Thanks to the ProSoft Technology remote control facilities, it is possible to avoid compromising the safety of industrial plants and machinery.

The remote connectivity of the equipment inside your structure requires reliable connections in order to monitor the activity of machinery and systems and manage the decision-making process in an increasingly efficient manner. Prosoft Connect, the cloud-native platform, allows you to monitor all the devices connected to it from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require any installation software and the industry-standard HTTPS access guarantees a secure connection. Thanks to its certificates and one-time use keys to authenticate gateways, the platform becomes more secure as it reduces the possibility of authentication by unauthorized gateways.

What happened before?

You have to ask permission to access the data, record the results and turn on access. Then you could manage the set point control procedure and the HMI review for status.

On the other hand with remote connectivity, it is possible to generate multiple layers of security at device, network, processes and service. Furthermore, the evaluation of the results can be managed by third-party security services. With the ProSoft Connect platform it is possible to request authorization as an operator, IT, supervisor or end user. At this point it’s easy to record data and activities, maintaining private access or including people for the decision-making process.

The commissioning of a machinery, the troubleshooting or the maintenance of the systems are all activities that can be managed remotely by simply connecting to the control unit! And don’t forget that Virtual Lockout-Tagout™ gives you complete control over access to your equipment.

ProSoft’s solutions simplify the processenabling streamlined setup and reducing the strain on your local resources. You can reduce downtime and increase efficiency.


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