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Productive choices based on data with CompactLogix 5480

If you need the ability to access machine control data and have in-depth information in the cloud, you can do that with Rockwell Automation CompactLogix 5480 controllers.

Logix performance and a commercial operating system in a single platform. These controllers use Windows 10 IoT Enterprise in real time running in parallel on the Logix control engine. This will provide you with greater agility in the decision making process. But, what are the applications supporting? Analytical evaluations, data gathering and predictive computations.

In this way, thanks to the CompactLogix 5480 controllers, it will be possible to transform the data collected into information useful for the management of the system. The big advantage lies in the ability to make decisions at machine level. A great help in real time for your business!

This controller uses the Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 Logix Designer development environment and it is ideal for medium to large applications that require extensive performance control.

It supports up to 31 Compact I/O ™ local modules series 5069 and features advanced security functionality. The latter includes several aspects: digitally signed controller firmware, controller-based change detection, and a routine role-based access control log.

There are multiple types of Rockwell Automation CompactLogix 5480. The logix memory varies from 3MB to 20MB, the number of network nodes ranges from a minimum of 60 to over 250 nodes, the number of physical axes is between 16 and 150.

Here there are the use cases:

  • Analytics, data gathering, and predictive computations
  • Cloud Gateway, Data concentrator
  • Machine and Line Control
  • Integrated control and visualization
  • Control and 3rd-party machine vision

Take faster and more informed decisions! Thanks to the integration of the calculation functionality in these compact and powerful logix controllers, you can obtain a lot of information from your machinery and thus discover the value of the scalable calculation functions!



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