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Packaging: Cognex In-Sight and Checker sensor applications

Cognex vision technology is implemented in the industrial system to maximize speed and automate the processing of product packaging, including food.

Cognex In-Sight and Checker vision systems are very useful in many packaging applications. Let’s see some of the main applications.

Package Orientation Inspection Process with Cognex

In conveyor applications, a Cognex In-Sight® vision sensor can be used to determine if packages are correctly positioned. How does it do it? By identifying the orientation of the label on the product package.

The Cognex In-Sight series vision sensor detects the orientation of the label. If the latter is incorrectly oriented, the packet will be moved to a rotation station where the position will be arranged. At this point the product will be sent back to the conveyor belt which will subject it to a new inspection.

The goal of this Cognex orientation inspection process is to increase the pace of packaging/production by quickly identifying and correcting any errors in the production line.

Package inspection process with Cognex

Another application of the Cognex In-Sight vision sensor concerns its combination with vacuum tightness tests, in order to verify the integrity of the packages. Think for example of those blister packs in the pharmaceutical sector.

The process aims to identify, with appropriate tests, any defective packaging. Once the type of package has been selected (e.g. blister), the Cognex In-Sight vision sensor acquires the image of the package itself and from this scan is able to identify which specific part has a possible defect and to evaluate the quality of the rest of the package.

Error-free label detection with Cognex

Checker is the “smart” sensor for inspecting printed packages. It detects, at high speeds, incorrect information on the pieces, for example with missing characters, written in a different language compared to the target market or even with the label misaligned.
This Cognex sensor is able of synchronizing the reject of pieces in the presence of variable speed lines using an encoder for counting, in order to guarantee the traceability of defective packages between the inspection and reject stations.

The high precision of this sensor allows it to activate the object’s output in correspondence with the correct position of the encoder.

Inspection of the presence of labels with Cognex

The Cognex Checker system turns out to be economical and very reliable. Let’s think, for example, to the verification of the application of labels on the bottles. The sensor captures multiple images of the product from different angles and this ensures greater reliability.


Find out with us if Cognex In-Sight and Checker vision systems can help you in your applications!

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