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North American Standards

Our partner Rockwell Automation we explore some of the key considerations that you need to be aware of when exporting your panel or machine business to the North American market.

02 march 2022 – North American Standards: A different approach – NA vs EU

The main differences between the standards of North America and the European Union and how the National Electrical Code NFPA70 and Industrial Control Panel (UL508A) are strictly linked together.

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23 march 2022 – North American Standards: Low Voltage Limited Energy and Class 2

How the National Electrical Code NFPA70 and Industrial Control Panel (UL508A) link the Class 2 Control Circuits’ technical requirements to product application, including control voltage supply and protection.

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7 april 2022 – North American Standards: From NFPA70 (NEC) to Industrial Control Panel (UL508A)

Take a journey from NFPA70 (NEC) and Industrial Control Panel (UL508A) to demystify the in-depth meaning of Molded Case Circuit Breaker as 80% rated, with their potential impact on panel design and savings.

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27 april 2022 – North American Standards: Explore Slash rated devices

Explore the NFPA70 (NEC) to delve deeper into the real meaning of slash rated devices and the potential of being misled by this important topic.

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We remind you that Technology BSA is a Certifier for the American and North American markets, in case of need contact us!

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