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MGUARD: remote maintenance for industry

In such a particular economic period, remote maintenance of plants and machinery has become increasingly functional and accessible. Let’s find out how mGuard Secure Remote Service of Phoenix Contact works.

It is a cloud security, a remote maintenance system dedicated to users, machinery manufacturers and plant managers, who through a special procedure on the web can manage maintenance activities and receive all information on the offices, operators and machines. The system is based on the security functionality of mGuard’s VPN technology. The used security protocol, IPsec, has a high degree of encryption and this allows us to guarantee the authenticity and confidentiality of the data transmitted between technicians and machines. In addition to authentication, mGuard also offers a firewall that protects the machine from unauthorized access externally to the VPN.

Since the VPN infrastructure is set up in the Cloud, it only needs a good Internet connection in order to function properly. Practical and fast!

The latest version – 2.9 – includes some new features, such as the one concerning the application in restrictive environments. In these places it often becomes difficult to establish the VPN connection with standard IPsec ports. For this reason Phoenix Contact has introduced the possibility of setting up VPN tunnels compatible with firewalls thanks to the Machine Path Finder. The mGuard system also allows you to activate an automatic email notification when setting up the machine’s VPN. In this way, you can keep under control all the VPNs.

ASSISTANCE: those who work on the assistance side can use mGuard Secure Cloud also with VPN client software and all related devices

MACHINES IN SERVICE: for the secure connection of the machinery to the mGuard Secure Cloud, numerous mGuard VPN devices are available – FL MGUARD, TC MGUARD, TC CLOUD.

The mGuard Phoenix Contact technology therefore allows you to easily manage remote maintenance, thanks to a secure portal. mGuard receives information from service technicians and devices connected to the machines. This agrees with bidirectional communication via Internet in a safety way. If your customer is afraid of using his network for too much consecutive time, you can inform him that with mGuard it is possible to deactivate the tunnel by closing a contact on the device. To do this, however, it is necessary to indicate the respective feature in the VPN configuration.

How does the MLGUARD work?

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