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Industrial safety: the first SIL2 / Pld certified radar sensor

Industrial safety is a priority for Inxpect. For this reason, it offers a sensor equipped with radar technology able to prevent worker’s accidents.

What is the goal? To improve security without compromising productivity.

The LBK motion sensor creates an invisible barrier that detects when an operator approaches a dangerous area. This function also works in presence of optical disturbances, thanks to the radar technology that makes the sensor less vulnerable to harsh environments: smoke, dust, water.

The Inxpect radar sensor got the SIL2 certification for industrial applications. SIL is the certification that identifies the level of safety integrity. This measure indicates the degree of reliability that a safety system must achieve to reduce the risk of accident during its use. There are 4 levels of SIL and the Inxpect motion sensors are the first SIL2/Pld certified radar sensor system in the world.

Another advantage of these industrial safety tools lies in the ability to scan the work area creating a 3D protected zone. This system allows to greatly improve the operator safety. That’s why we talk about restart prevention. Operators cannot elude detection by radar!

The sensor control unit (LBK-C22) has relay outputs that can manage up to 6 sensors simultaneously. Thanks to an application it is possible to modify some parameters, such as the dimension of the safety area, the pre-alarm area and other functions. It is also possible to create differentiated intervention areas where operators can access safely according to production logic.

So what are the functions of the Inxpect radar sensor?

  • Protection from access to dangerous area
  • Anti-collision systems for bridge cranes
  • Prevention of robotic workcell restart
  • Access prevention to loading areas with independent motion systems

Find out all the LBK System applications by contacting us

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