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Industrial anti-covid security solutions

Technology BSA has thought at some industrial safety measures to be taken during this global pandemic period. The protection of the health of workers, customers and collaborators has become a priority for all companies.

For this reason, it is appropriate to evaluate new solutions to ensure that the work is carried out in total safety while maintaining, where possible, greater social distancing. By adopting anti-covid industrial protection measures, our production companies will be able to continue their business efficiently.

There are three products proposed by Technology BSA. Let’s see them in detail!


DNAccess: the safety device for controlling access to the workplace

This solution was designed for more practical access management in industrial environments. In fact, in a single tool you have the possibility to measure body temperature through the thermal imaging camera and to sanitize your hands automatically. It also provides masks and protective gloves through manual dispensers and thanks to the antibacterial carpet it is possible to sanitize the sole of the shoes.

guide voice will indicate to the people the various steps to be taken before they can access the work area. The totem is managed by a Rockwell Automation Micro800 series PLC. The software can therefore be customized and integrated, for example, with that of other attendance management devices.


Remote Access BOX: the remote assistance kit

It is a complete solution for remote assistance. By means of a simple preconfigured kit, technical assistance can be managed remotely, so as to allow the operator not present on the line to evaluate and solve the problem as if it were at the site of the fault.

All this is possible thanks to the use of an IP camera, the remote assistance box with 3G functionality and the gateway for connection.


Fevir: the infrared thermometer for detecting temperature

This infrared thermometer has been designed for the detection of body and surface temperature in class 2 for medical use. The measurement is accurate and fast, just think that the response time is 0.5 sec.

It can store up to 32 measurements and is also convenient for detecting the temperature of a surface using the “Surface temp” function.



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