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What if you could predict anomalies like an overheating engine or a faulty drive? How about anticipating future equipment degradation?  With FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™ of Rockwell Automation it could be easier!

The Rockwell Automation machine learning analysis module allows you to apply the concepts of machine learning without the need of a data scientist. What does it mean? Let’s see in detail!

The analysis of the production process can be developed from different points of view: descriptive (what happened), diagnostic (why it is happened), predictive (what will happen now), prescriptive (get advantages from the results of the previous analysis). The system proposed by the industrial automation leading company is to work on predictive models based on the collection and reorganization of your controller data.

Here comes in the FactoryTalk® Analytics ™ LogixAI ™! In the business process the module exploits artificial intelligence and has a universally applicable model of physics at its base. At this point it seems correct to specify the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence: two terms often confused.

Machine learning technology is used to sort, group and classify data – especially when decisions are made if new data fits a learned pattern. Machine learning automates the construction of an analytical model that finds out hidden information throughout data.

Artificial intelligence comes in with the algorithm or engine approaches cognitive, or self-learning behavior. It can be identified with an algorithm that attempts to approach cognitive behavior or self-learning (the algorithm makes large quantities of data interact with each other in order to make a decision and implement this decision in a similar manner to the human intellect approach).

The FactoryTalk® Analytics ™ Logix AI ™ automatically identifies the data, creates the models, monitors them and integrates the solution in the production process, thanks to a predictive analysis.


  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Active learning

The module proposed by Rockwell Automation can be of great help to get process improvements!

Analysis within the controller application is a smart solution to keep up with the market demand: fast growing and efficiency!

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