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We are present at the fair of excellence in industrial automation: SPS IPC DRIVES ITALIA. Together with our trusted partner DCM we show you the functionalities of multi-axis robotics as well as all our advanced automation solutions.

SPS IPC DRIVES in Parma still amazes. Also this year, automation and digital innovations stay connected to reinforce the identity of companies in this sector that want to be competitive in a challenges and innovative markets. One of the trends that most affects Technology BSA at this fair is robotics!

In our stand it is possible to find out how the Omron cobot (collaborative robot) works in cooperation with Inxpect safety radar sensors. Inside the District 4.0 we expose a motion demo that summarizes the flexibility of the delta robotics and in which are used all products distributed by Technology BSA!

Pavillion 4.1 Stand C 029. These are the coordinates to find “Effecube”. This machine carry out complex operations with extremely rapid cycles. Here is what you can test in this exhibition area. The combination with vision systems allows the machine to rearrange bulk products that are automatically oriented and positioned accurately by robot.

Benefits of the robot

  • Reduction of line charging times (thanks to robot’s ability to pick up a product previously loaded in bulk)
  • You can always take the product on the side you want (in all cases where you have a front and a back)
  • Wide productivity and energy savings (the product is identified by the vision system which, through a logic controller, decides which is the best to take and controls the robot’s operations)
  • Wide freedom of choice of product positioning on the support (the robot deposits the object precisely)
  • Possibility to carry out jobs that previously could only be made manually (extreme accuracy of the movement)

What the origin of the name “Effecube”?

The robot performs three simple actions that can be summarized by three English verbs: FEED IT, FIND IT, FIX IT. Hence the idea of ​​EFFE-CUBE name to indicate a continuous production cycle of high and constant quality.

Main features:


MODULARITY (working area: from 200 to 2.000mm)




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