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Cyber Security solutions for your production processes

Facing with the digitization process with Phoenix Contact is easier thanks to cyber security solutions for your production processes.

The basis of Smart Factory is the interconnection between plants and components. But, do you know how complex is for the operators to be able to safely manage this kind of powerful network infrastructure in a reliable manner? The industrial network can suffer various types of risks: network outages caused by viruses, sabotage and unauthorized access, data loss or espionage.

If you don’t want to run into problems of this type, it will be essential to protect your automation process (cyber security).

Compared to offices industrial networks, the Ethernet standard is not sufficient within a production network. That’s because it does not meet some requirements of this type of environment.

Here there are some example of missing properties: firewall functions (it is useful to controll incoming and outgoing traffic by blocking all dangerous or unwanted transmissions), deep packet inspection for industrial protocols (it refers to the ability of some communication tools to capture data packets and analyze in depth the information inside), remote access for assistance and maintenance. Related to this last point, we can tell you that Phoenix Contact uses tools that support a secure remote connection through the use of an encrypted system or with VPN technologies.

And how can employees safely access the system? Via the WLAN 1100 access point module. This compact module is ideal for applications in machine and plant construction due to its robustness, integrated antennas and stable reception.

One of Phoenix Contact’s goals is to support companies to minimize downtime and increase productivity. What tools can be used to achieve this goal?

  • Security devices able of protecting the network from unauthorized access
  • NAT switches allow machines with identical IP addresses to be integrated into the system, without having to modify existing ones
  • MGuard products generate a connection for remote maintenance of all machinery in the system and manage firewall functions to control the flow of data
  • Integrated mobile radio technology inside machines and plants without having to install special software
  • Managed switches segment the network and control access

For all industrial applications there are flexible safety devices, whose maintenance can be managed safely remotely and whose configuration is simple and quick.

Find out all cyber security solutions from Phoenix Contact website



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