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Cognex: bead and edge inspection tools

Smart automation, design by Cognex industrial vision systems, reduces errors, resulting in lower costs. The reliable custom bead and edge inspection tool along with the edge and defect locator tool is critical in many industries.

Let’s have a look in these industrial vision tools.

Cognex custom inspection tool for beads

Automated bead inspection is critical in the automotive and electronics industries.
BeadInspect is an all-in-one bead width and position inspection tool used to detect anomalies. BeadInspect offers a robust inspection of the bead line – even if bead size, shape, and appearance change over time. This is important when inspecting a freshly applied, wet or shiny RTV bead, or when the beads vary in location from part to part.

The bead inspection process with the Cognex BeadInspect tool helps ensure that the beads have been applied in the right volume and with precise positioning.

In 2D inspections, the tool locates the position of a glue bead on the surface of a component and detects gaps. In 3D ones, it calculates the volume of the glue beads to ensure that the right amount of glue has been dispensed.

  • Features of inspection tool for beads
  • Easily train the bead path, with just a few clicks, using the PolyLine function
  • Find defects in beads that change or differ in shape
  • Determine width based on defects and gaps
  • Remove noise for increased robustness

Cognex custom edge inspection tool

Edge inspection tool finds gaps, defects along edges, and other area-based and surface flaws. Cognex offers industrial vision tools that reliably measure min/max deviations to find edge and area defects on products, as well as surface and print defects. The Cognex solutions InspectEdge and Flexible Flaw Detection are easily configurable for straight, rounded or non-uniform edges.

Features of Cognex InspectEdge 

Cognex InspectEdge solves machine vision applications for deep edge detection and can verify the thickness of cracks and defects by tracking multiple edge mates.

  • Simplified user interface
  • Greater flexibility in defining criteria for defects, such as size, area and distance
  • Specify outliers to eliminate noise
  • Detect defects on component edges

Features of Cognex Flexible Flaw Detection

Cognex flexible flaw detection solution offers accurate edge and surface inspection when it comes to lens and perspective distortion, scaling, print misalignments and warped line scan images.

  • It checks the conformity of shape and surface defects such as stains and scratches
  • It is ideal for inspecting shapes based on edge and area
  • It is compatible with color and grayscale applications

Cognex edge detection tools: localization and width measurement

Cognex offers a large variety of tools to measure the width of objects, locate edges of features, and measure the spacing of pairs despite changes in part orientation and lighting. There are two main tools: Caliper and LineMax.

Features Caliper

  • Precise detection of edges / lines
  • Localization to measure the width, edges and characteristics of the object
  • Detailed information on the precise locations of features within an object

Features LineMax

  • Advanced line detection
  • Extraction and localization of edge features that make up lines in noisy or low-contrast images
  • Simple inspection of beveled glass and other fuzzy edges
  • Detect the best statistical fit for the line of interest


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