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Rockwell Automation organizes two training days dedicated to the latest technologies and industrial trends.
Philadelphia is the location of the premier industrial automation event. The Automation Fair will offer numerous opportunities and develop important skills in just two days of training.
This event by Rockwell Automation will take place on November 14th and 15th with more than 400 training hours and more than 150 exhibitions. The goal is to involve as many experts as possible to give all participants the opportunity to learn new technologies. At a later stage these technologies could be used for the transformation of your company. This is the goal of the project! The training sessions will include workshops, practical laboratories and industrial forums.

Join this type of event is a smart choice for companies. First of all you get the ability to fill your workforce skills gaps. If you don’t get updated on new market technologies, your company may not keep up with its competitors with consequent loss of productivity and increase of operating costs.
In addition, manufacturers often do not know how to best manage the collected data from equipment to turn it into actionable information that can improve the efficiency of their business. Moreover market demand requires us constantly to be more flexible and without an adequate corporate structure we can not be very competitive.

Rockwell Automation improves your experience and professional skills not only with its products to join the Connected Enterprise, but also with its training session. “Automation Fair” is the best example! But do not worry about the distance of the event! Philadelphia is so far, but the company often organizes events like this in Europe. Don’t miss these opportunities!

More information about the “Automation Fair”


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