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Today we talk a lot about Artificial Intelligence, but we, small and medium enterprises, have the impression that this stranger is still far from our daily practices. But today we will show you that our thinking is not true!

What is this innovative technology used for in smaller companies? The main job of artificial intelligence is to allow the devices to which it is applied to identify anomalies during industrial production activity in a predictive manner. It is a process based on self-learning of the structure of the industrial system with the aim of identifying deviations from predefined parameters.

What’s at the base of AI. (artificial intelligence)? Data!

First of all it is necessary that the company has started a digital transformation process. What does it mean? It is trivially the use of tools able to collect data from one’s own production activity so that they can be processed and analyzed (through the practice of machine learning) before they are used to improve our decision-making process.

At this point you can rely on a technology that automates processes, speeds up the production decisions by creating new opportunities and speeds up the resolution of problems by optimizing production models.

Many words but do you prefer facts? Here there is an example of artificial intelligence proposed by Rockwell Automation.

An additional Artificial Intelligence (AI) module for ContrlLogix controllers: FactoryTalk® Analytics ™ LogixAI ™.

A really complex name that Rockwell Automation uses to indicate a module ables of learning from the ControlLogix application and transforming the collected data into useful information for predicting unexpected performance anomalies (the module creates a normal operating model to detect anomalies) or to act as a virtual sensor (the module creates a model from existing data to estimate another value).

How does it work?

  • First: Select controller outputs you care about
  • Second: Select potential inputs or variables from controller tags
  • Third: FactoryTalk® Analytics™ LogixAI™ determines inputs that relate to your output

Find out more about the automatic learning process of the Rockwell Automation module HERE

Digital transformation is an added value for all companies, even small ones! Start the modernization process together with reliable partners like Rockwell Automation.

Artificial intelligence will improve your production activity!


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