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Cod. Articolo: DMR-374X-TMAX-LAB
Cod. Fornitore: DMR-374X-TMAX-LAB

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DataMan®374X TMAX fixed-mount barcode reader Lab Kit.

Includes the following components, which are pre-assembled at the factory:

  • DataMan 374X fixed-mount barcode reader --- DMR-374X-0000-M
  • 24mm f/6 High-Speed Liquid Lens --- DMLN-C24F06-HSLL
  • High-Power Integrated Torch (HPIT) light, Red, Standard --- DMLT-HPIT-RE-S
  • HPIT Polarized front cover --- DMLA-HPIT-PLCOV
  • DM370 HPIT adapter - DMLA-HPIT-ADAP370

This kit also includes one ethernet cable, one power cable, and one mounting bracket.24VDC power supply sold separately.

About DataMan 374X:

DataMan® 370 series, the latest in high-performance fixed-mount barcode reading technology.Featuring Cognex's best-in-class algorithms, 2DMax with PowerGrid™ and 1DMax with Hotbars™, as well as tri-core processing, HDR, high-resolution image sensor, and Gigabit Ethernet, the DataMan 370 series takes high-performance barcode reading to the next level.

  • For reading 1-D omni-directional and 2D printed and direct part mark (DPM) codes
    • 2DMax with PowerGrid algorithm for decoding of 2-D codes on printed labels and DPM, along with 2D codes with damaged Finder Patterns, Clocking Patterns, and Quiet Zone Violation
    • 1DMax with HotBars II for 1-D Linear and Stacked BarCodes
  • Includes 1-D and 2-D quality process control metrics
  • Tri-core processing
  • 3MP (2048 x 1536) image sensor resolution
  • HDR image enhancement technology
  • Serial and Gigabit Ethernet communications
  • Requires X-code ethernet cable (CCB-84901-2001-XX, included) if ethernet connection is required for the application.X-Code to A-Code adapter CCB-M12X8MS-XCAC (not included) is available if needed for retrofit applications.
  • This model INCLUDES multi-reader sync functionality.

About High-Power Integrated Torch (HPIT):

This ground-breaking accessory features 16 high-intensity illumination LEDs, a laser aimer pattern which matches the field-of-view, green ‘good-read' feedback LED, swappable front covers (polarized, non-polarized, and diffuse), and a built-in distance sensor to support real-time, dynamic auto-focusing.

Please contact your local Cognex Sales Engineer with any questions.

This kit also includes a bracket and cables.