Repair and maintenance

What do we do?


Through a good control and preventive maintenance activity on the company instrumentation it is possible to reduce the possibility of breakdowns or errors. For this reason, the BSA team provides assistance to machinery, industrial plants and products in terms of repair and maintenance, so as to contain costs and recovery times.

Our team takes care of providing assistance to security systems and industrial vision systems, from the maintenance of electrical systems to the machinery one.

The technical assistance service in companies is very useful for those who need almost immediate support on industrial components.


The operation can be carried out directly at your company. We will quickly send you a specialized technician. We also provide assistance on all Rockwell Automation products: from the simplest to the most complex components of industrial plants and production lines.

Sectors concerned:

Food & Beverage, Plastics Processing, Packaging, Pharma & Beauty, Labeling, Logistics and Traceability.

We're at your disposal!