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Miniature Contactor, 12 A, IEC, 230V 50/60Hz, 2 N.O./ 2 N.C. Poles, No Auxiliary Contact, Screw Type Terminals, Single Pack: Quantity of 1

Miniature Contactor, Screw Type Terminals, 12A, System Control Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz, 2 N.O. / 2 N.C. Main Contacts, 1 Phase, 1
Product Code: 100-K12KF200
Partner cod.: 100-K12KF200

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Tecnichal data
Technical Specs
Tecnichal data
Number of normally open contacts as main contact2
Number of normally closed contacts as main contact2
Vibration resistanceIEC 60068-2
Shock resistanceIEC 60068-2
Altitude, max2000 m (NN) per IEC 60947-4
LifespanMechanical DC control: 15000000 ops
Recommended torque10.6
WeightDC: 0.2 kg
Conductor cross sectionMain contact, 2 conductor: 1...2.5 mm^2 + 1...4 mm^2
Protection classIP2X
Voltage type for actuatingAC
Rated control supply voltage at AC 50 Hz230 V
Rated control supply voltage at AC 60 Hz230 V
Rated control supply voltage at DC0 V
Type of electrical connection of main circuitScrew connection
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp)6 kV
Optional overload relaysNone
Main current circuit resistance2.2 mOhm
Rated filament current9 A @ 230/240V, AC-5b
Rated isolation voltage (Ui)IEC: 690V, UL, CSA: 600V
Switching of motor load11 A @ 400V, AC-7b (50 Hz)
PackagingSingle pack (quantity of 1)
Auxiliary contactsIP2X
Rated current (enclosed)13.8 A @ 115V, 1-phase per UL/CSA
Rated power (enclosed)2 Hp @ 230V, 1-phase per UL/CSA
Auxiliary contact configurationNo auxiliary contact
Capacitance, max750 µF @ short-circuit current of 10 kA
General purpose current (enclosed)18 A per UL/CSA
Operating time, closing delay6...12 ms DC (conventional)
Switching of low inductive loads20 A @ 400V, AC-7a per IEC 61095 (50 Hz)
Short time withstand (Icw)96 A for 10 s, 60 °C
Operating time, opening delay8...12 ms with integrated diode
Coil consumption, hold-inCold 3.0 W, warm 2.6 W DC (conventional)
Coil consumption, pick-upCold 3.0 W, warm 2.6 W DC (conventional)
Operating limits, dropout(0.2...0.75) x Us @ 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60 Hz
Switching of lampsGas discharge lamps, open: 18 A @ 40 °C, AC-5a
Insulation class of the coilClass F per IEC 60085, Class 105 insulation system per UL 508
Switching of hermetically sealed cooling compressor motors18 A @ 400V, AC-8a (manual reset of overload release (50 Hz))
Operating limits, pick-up(0.85...1.1) x Us @ 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 50/60 Hz
UL class K5 and RK5 fuses rating40 A @ 600V, 5 kA available fault current per UL 508 and CSA 22.2 No. 14
DIN fuses (gG, gL) current ratingType 2 (per IEC 60947-4-1): 20 A @ 400 V, 50 kA available fault current
Rated operational current (Ie)4-poles: 20 A @ 40 °C, AC-1
UL class J and CSA HRCI-J fuses rating30 A @ 600V, 50 kA available fault current per UL 508 and CSA 22.2 No. 14
Rated operational power (Pe)8.3 kW @ 240V, AC-1 (50 Hz), ambient temperature 40 °C
Switching of DC loads2-poles in series: 9 A @ 24V (Non-inductive or slightly inductive loads or resistance furnaces DC-1 at 60 °C)
Optional accessoriesFront-mount auxiliary contacts, surge suppressors, electronic timers, mechanical interlocks
FeaturesMini-contactors, Uniform panel mounting dimensions, Panel mounting or mounting on 35 mm DIN Rail, Made of environmentally friendly materials
UL class CC and CSA HRCI-MISC fuses rating30 A @ 600V, 50 kA available fault current per UL 508 and CSA 22.2 No. 14
Climatic withstandIEC 60068-2-30
Ambient temperatureStorage: -55...80 (-67...176)
Technical Specs
Connection:Screw Type Terminals
Contactor Size:12 A
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 400V/415V Rating:5.5
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 500V Rating:5.5
3-Phase kW (50 Hz) 690V Rating:5.5
1-Phase HP (60 Hz) 115V Rating:0.75
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 460V Rating:7.5
3-Phase HP (60 Hz) 575V Rating:7.5
Coil Voltage:230V 50/60Hz
System Voltage Data
Phases:1 Phase
Contactor Data
Terminal Type:Screw Type Terminals
Rated Operating Current:12 A
Control Voltage:230V 50/60Hz
No. of Poles:4 Poles
Main Contact Configuration:2 N.O./ 2 N.C.
Package Quantity:1