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VisionPro Advanced

Product Code: TRN-VP-CGNX-ADV
Partner cod.: TRN-VP-CGNX-ADV

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The VisionPro Advancedclass is an intro toscripting and programming within the QuickBuild application prototyping environment.

The VisionPro Advanced class is a detailed class that gets into fully implementing a VisionPro® vision application using Visual Studio.Net.

This class will enable you to build your own interface and integrate VisionPro with other systems using scripting and programming in Visual Studio.

Course Outline

  • Scripting Part 1
  • Scripting Part 2
  • Scripting Part 3
  • Scripting Part 4
  • Creating a VisionPro Application Using QuickBuild and Visual Studio.Net
  • Displaying Custom Graphics

Learning Objectives

  1. Add custom functionality through QuickBuild scripting
  2. Create new and modify existing applications built using the Application Wizard
  3. Create your first Visual Studio.Net vision application


  1. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows environment
  2. Successful completion of VisionPro Standard or equivalent knowledge
  3. Familiarity with developing applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
  4. Working knowledge of at least one supported programming language ( or

Recommended Audience

Technicians, Engineers, Control, Process and Quality Engineers, Software Developers, and Managers who need to understand the connection, acquisition, inspection, and communication necessary to solve vision inspections using VisionPro.