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EGC electric axes from Festo: all the features

The EGC axis from Festo has a unique cross section, optimized for maximum rigidity and load capacity. Let’s see their features together.

There are two type of axes available: spindle axis and toothed belt axis. Both versions are available with single or double guide (HD) for heavy duty. The EGC linear axes from Festo in the HD version can withstand a load of up to 13000N.

Spindle axis EGC-BS | EGC-HD-BS

The spindle axis stands out for its precision, while its maximum acceleration is 15m per second-square.
On this axis, the output for connecting the motor is axial and it is possible to have a 180 ° return for mounting the motor side by side.

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB | EGC-HD-TB

This axis stands out for its high speeds up to 5 meters/second and maximum acceleration up to 50m per second-square.
The toothed belt axis has two pulleys, one for each head, both designed for mounting the motor. This allows you to have four possible different positions.
This configuration allows you to change the mounting position of the motor without any changes to the axis and to install a transmission shaft to move an axis in parallel.
As an option, the axis can be equipped with a second slide for higher loads.

The safety of the axes

Below we show you the elements that implement safety features on EGC axes from Festo:

  • Position sensing with inductive proximity sensor SIES-8M, flush-fitting assembly in profile slot
  • Incremental displacement encoder for safety-related 2-channel solutions or for increased positioning accuracy of the toothed belt axis
  • Clamping unit for clamping the slide in safety-related applications

This series of high-quality axes completes the products range of Festo. Thanks to the online configurators, in addition to the dimensioning of the single axis, it is also possible to configure 2D and 3D portals with a maximum load of up to 50KG (for higher loads contact us and we will evaluate your application).

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