SERVO DRIVE Allen-Bradley KINETIX 5100

Scalable and convenient servo control solution

rockwell automation
The Kinetix 5100 servo drive is an economical solution for small machines. In order to meet the new needs of OEMs, i.e. the need to create small and flexible machines designed to efficiently manage a large variety of products and packages of different sizes, Rockwell Automation has designed a servo control solution that can work independently, without a controller.

The Kinetix 5100 servo drive combines drive, motor and cable into a single system. The ideal product for your business can be selected based on the nominating power of the machine. This will save you time and effort!

Supports applications controlled by independent devices
(Micro 800 o Logix)

Easily integrated with specific Add-On instructions in Logix applications

Supplied with standard inputs and outputs and different control modes

servo drive rockwell automation


Kinetix 5100 Integrated System - What are the benefits?

Have a controlled stop and avoid an untimely restart. This allows a faster restart of the machine from its safe state with a higher number of cycles per minute.


For various types of networks - What are the advantages?

It allows real-time information and control in discrete, safety, drive, motion control and high availability applications. It allows the devices to be connected directly to the network, without using a separate Ethernet switch.


  10 digital inputs and 5 outputs

  Ability to make quick changes to the control mode

  Allows for system resonance control with automatic tuning functionality

  Movement function indexed with 99 segments

  Easily integrated with Logix applications

  Wide power range 50W-2kW at 120-230V and 3-15kW at 230V

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