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Rittal develops and implements solutions for control cabinet, power distribution, environmental control systems, IT infrastructure, software and services, automation systems (from the hand tools to the automated machinery). The offer of the company satisfies the needs of numerous sectors: from the construction of machinery and equipment to automotive industry and information technology. The cooperation with the affiliated company EPLAN allows Rittal to become more attractive on the marketplace thanks to software production for design solutions.




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Rittal VX25 is the new large enclosure system. Thanks to baying technology, ease of assembling and software-based configuration, the VX25 guarantees the highest quality. The digital version of the enclosure is added to the physical one, allowing your company to plan, order and customize your enclosure using a specific software. With the new large enclosure system it is possible to keep all the consolidated features of the TS8, expanding them with new functions. Find out more with the conversion assistant TS8 to VX25: it is simple and easy to use!

Armadi componibili Rittal VX25

Baying eclosure system VX25 -
Basic Enclosure

To realize the enclosure manufacturing you need Basic components: enclosure frame with one or two front doors, rear panel, mounting plate, roof plate, divided gland plates.

Armadio per elettronica VX25 Rittal

Baying eclosure system VX25 -
Electronic Enclosure

Ideal for 482.6 mm (19") assemblies and 482.6 mm (19") slide-in equipment: with 19" adaptor sections at the front, front frame, rear door, roof plate and divided gland plates.

Armadio componibile IP66 VX25

Baying eclosure system VX25 -
IP 66/NEMA 4 Enclosure

Maximum protection category enclosures. They comply with European and American standards: enclosure frame with front door, rear panel, mounting plate, roof plate, base.

Quadri di distribuzione ISV - Rittal

Baying eclosure system VX25 -
Distribution Enclosures


Some baying systems VX as distribution enclosures, have been prepared for ISV installation modules.

Armadio modulare VX25

Baying eclosure system VX25 -
Modular Enclosures


Modular VX enclosures can be designed for installation with partial doors and internal separation.

Accessori VX25

Baying eclosure system VX25 -

Base/plinth system VX for any application, bases optimised to be labour-saving, side panels, locks, doors for a range of authorisation concepts, doors, human/machine interfaces, 19” installation, power ISV distribution enclosure, cable management, LED system light, roof/wall mounting.