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DCM is a leading Italian company in trade and installation of machinery for paper folding and automation. Optimize, simplify and reduce costs: these are the pillars of the company. It works to design and implement special solutions in line and off-line, depending on the different requests. DCM is the exclusive distributor of the Autonox24 brand, which develops and builds robots which are independent and managed by any external controller.




Paper folding for production line applications

Power Supply

Special production lines

Robot: Two-axle (Duopodi) - Three-axle or more (Delta) - Special version in Hygienic Design

High performance folding machines

Print finishing

OPTIMAC: a system that optimizes processes of production of brochures feeding and transportation serialization labeling packaging inspection handling

Robot Delta tre assi

Focus on

All robots are supplied with servomotor adapters chosen by the customer and it is also possible to select the type of controller that you prefer to adopt




The construction of two-axis robots is extremely robust and the double arm allows the handling of loads of a certain caliber (load on the wrist: 0.5 - 350kg).

The work area settles between 200 and 1,300 mm, while the working height varies between 320 and 400 mm.

Delta robot DCM


Delta robot is an equally efficient solution designed to optimize production, with three or more axles (wrist load: 0.5 - 20 kg). 
Main features:
fourth and fifth axles moved with static engines
- connectors for gripping tools and internal power cables
- possibility of ISO toolholder flange with rotation movement The working area settles between 200 and 1,600 mm, while the working height can reach up to 400mm.
The robot can also reach up to 240 ISO cycles per minute.

Hygienic Design


The Hygienic Design version gain the long-time experience of Autonox24 kinematics, as hygiene standards are becoming increasingly stringent. They have an IP69K degree of protection and are mainly used in food and beverage industries and in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The stainless steel details of these special versions are entirely designed and manufactured internally by the company.